Certify your Data Centre with the Leaders

On an average across the Industry about 96% of systems were breached, proving that attackers are bypassing the conventional forms of security systems almost at will. We at GTS provide crucial security to your data centres. Protecting your organisation from breaches that can cause a lot of damage to your business in terms of reputation, money and data. We help provide this security with the help of security audits which involve the following steps. The first step is the audit preparation and planning where the key objectives are noted. Next the Goals are set to determine if the data centre is maintaining the proper controls and if it is functioning effectively and efficiently. The next important step of reviewing the data centre is performed keeping in mind the major factors such as equipment functionality, physical security and the backup procedures. After the review is carried out, the review report containing the auditor’s findings is published and this report provides a limited assurance to the third party.